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Stiltz Lifts UK is the sole supplier, manufacturer and installer of Stiltz home lifts. Based in Wokingham, Berkshire, the company was founded in the United Kingdom and has a manufacturing facility in China. Stiltz gained its experience designing domestic lifts and elevators in Australia for more than two decades. The lifts are through-floor and fit in the home - the first of their kind to be available in the UK. The company developed the lift to make life easier for elderly or disabled people and help them to stay in their own homes for longer when stairs become too much. Unlike a stairlift, the Stiltz lift carries two people comfortably and is a hassle-free and cost-effective alternative.

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American Medical Billing Services

We Medical Billing Services are providing Web-based billing system to Physicians for their medical practices. We have Comprehensive billing and practice management system integrated with their clearing house. It is very popular system used by more than 100,000 physicians. It is great for both physician practices and billing services.

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Aged Care Nursing Homes

We encourage the highest possible quality of life, independence and dignity for our frail aged community. Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking Frail Aged Limited - low care, high care nursing homes.

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Find more about minimally invasive mitral valve repair

With the incredible advances in technology, many patients can now have an even less invasive approach than Mini MVR, using the DaVinci SI robot. Robotic mitral valve repair is an ultra-minimally invasive approach performed using tiny 1 – 2 inch incisions placed between the ribs. No rib or breastbone is ever cut or broken, which usually reduces pain significantly and shortens recovery time markedly. In this procedure, tiny robotic arms and a small 3D camera are placed inside the patient’s chest between the ribs, and are controlled by the surgeon at a console 5 feet away. To be clear, in robotic heart surgery the robot is not doing the surgery; the surgeon is – just using the incredible enabling technology of the DaVinci Si robot!

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Assisted Living Peoria AZ

Scottsdale assisted living and phoenix senior care facilities are numerous, contact a senior placement agency like Adoline placement to find the best elder care for your senior mom or dad. Our free services give you insights into the best facilities for luxury and affordable senior care in Arizona.

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Hospice Care in Louisville

Hospice care provides a special way of caring for family members facing an end of life decision. The trained, specialized and certified caregivers at Granny Nannies will work with the team of hospice care professionals to maximize the comfort.

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