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Title:A Tie Shop Neckties for Dapper Gents
Description:We are merchants of the glorious piece of fabric men tie around their neck, because a man can never own enough ties. Knitted ties, woven ties, printed ties, skinny ties, fat ties, bow ties. A necktie is more than a decorative cloth. It has the power to transform you into a fantastic man, without having to do or say anything. We find the best and most affordable ties around, and sell them to men of exquisite taste. It's simple really, but you must understand something. Most ties out there are crap. They have hideous patterns, are tied to look like a dead fish, and scream "I'm a used car salesman and still live at home, but I'm going places, I swear." We're not that kind of tie merchant. Our ties are handpicked by gentlemen who know a good style in a haystack of crap, and understand that a four-in-hand is the only way of tying a tie (as opposed to some new 'technique' bandied around at an all boys school).
Link Owner:rini